Homeowner design course from Christie Dustman

Our colleague, designer Christie Dustman, is offering a 5-session design course for home gardeners at the Arnold Arboretum, starting next Tuesday July 7. Here’s the Arnold’s listing:

Design Workshop for Home Gardeners HOR 282

Christie Dustman, Designer, APLD
5 Sessions
Tue Jul 7, 14, 21, 28, Aug 4 6:30–8:30pm [HB]
Explore principles of garden design and develop a plan for a specific area of your yard. In this beginner-level design class, you will explore the importance of line, scale, circulation, unity, and repetition as the organizational components of a coherent garden. You’ll also consider finer details such as color, focal point, depth, layering, and connecting indoors to outdoors. Christie Dustman will use before and after examples of projects she has completed to illustrate the design process. You will be required to draw a base plan for your site and identify your wish list of features. In analyzing your own and your classmates’ base plans and needs, you will practice the process of design and then begin to apply principles to your site plan. Christie will then lead in-class reviews, soliciting solutions from students and suggesting her own. You will leave class with a plan in progress from which to continue your design exploration. This class is primarily about garden space, and, as such, will not include garden design, though some key plant elements may be discussed.

Email adulted@arnarb.harvard.edu for a list of materials and instructions on creating your base plan for the first class.

Fee $100 member, $120 nonmember