Asian Long-horned Beetle Train-the-Trainer Session

The Asian Longhorned Beetle Outreach and Survey Project needs volunteers to receive training about ALB and other forest pests. The “Train the Trainer” session provides tools you need to teach others and protect your neighborhood from this invasive pest!

  • The ability to recognize the beetle and tree damage caused by it
  • Tips to distinguish ALB from similar species and to recognize when tree damage is not caused by ALB
  • Copies of various outreach materials and other cool ALB gear to distribute to the people you will be training
  • Access to beetle specimens and damaged wood for your own training sessions
  • The latest information on the infestation in Worcester

Boston session: UMass Boston, McCormack Building, 1st Floor, Room 318

August 11th, 6pm-8pm

email jennifer.forman-orth @, or call 617-626-1735.  Stay updated with ALB Outreach’s Facebook Page.