Winter Protection

fall leaves

We’re doing fall clean-ups and saying our goodbyes to many of you for the year, but please remember that the work of protecting your landscape investment is not done!  Now is the time for:

  • Getting those last bulbs in so you have early spring color
  • Wrapping or spraying anti-dessicant on evergreens (esp. rhododendrons, boxwoods, yews)
  • Protecting marginally hardy perennials and shrubs with extra mulch of pine needles, salt marsh hay, etc.
  • Deer protection, if needed
  • A final, low mow for the grass (2″) to prevent snow mold
  • Pruning dead and broken branches from trees and shrubs to prevent further damage from snow
  • Protecting plants in the way of snow loads from the eaves or the snow plow

Finally, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Bank those leaves!  Make nifty, sculptural cages out of wire mesh, or just pile ’em up and throw a tarp over them, if you have the space.  At my house, the worms are enjoying real leaves in the vermicompost bin, instead of the diet of newspaper & cardboard that they get for most of the year.  Our maintenance crew is mulching up leaves using the lawn mower, so they can be spread as mulch.

Give us a call (or a tweet) for help with late fall chores.  We’re also available to help you prepare for winter festivities, with light-hanging and arrangements of fresh greenery.