NOFA Winter Conference, Jan. 16, 2010

Join me for Gardening in Small Spaces: Living densely has many benefits, but may come at the price of growing our own food or relaxing outdoors. Yet, we can nourish our bodies and souls using space afforded by a roof deck, patio, or small yard. Learn about small space design, edibles for containers, and vertical gardening, plus small-scale bioshelters, composting, and rainwater harvesting.

Other workships of interest to the home gardener include:

  • Organic Seed Starting
  • Plants and Plans for an Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Cooking and Baking with Maple Syrup
  • Preparing the Vegetable Garden Soil
  • Composting for Home Gardeners
  • Eco-friendly Design
  • Starting a Backyard Organic Apple Orchard
  • City Chickens: Keeping Hens in Cities and Suburbs

Conference highlights:

  • Joel Salatin to present keynote speech and all day seminar “Introducing Livestock to your Farm”
  • 50 workshops on organic farming, gardening, landscaping, and sustainable living.
  • Lively exhibit area, NOFA/Mass Annual Meeting,  great children and teens program, potluck lunch!

Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA/Mass)
23rd Annual Winter Conference – “Food From Farms For Families”
January 16, 2010  9am-5.30pm
Worcester Technical High School, Skyline Drive, Worcester, Ma

General registration fee $50 with discounts available.  Registration for Salatin seminar $115 (includes entrance to entire conference). For more information visit or contact Conference Coordinator, Jassy Bratko,  jassy.bratko [at]  or  978-928-5646