3 ways we celebrate women every day

Happy International Women’s Day!  To celebrate, wanted to share a few ways that we as a woman-owned company promote the well-being  of women every day: our community-members, our employees, and our clients.

Leading by Example

A Yard & A Half is a leader in revenue and job-creation among women-owned businesses. We are among only 3% of majority woman-owned businesses with revenues topping $1 million, compared to 6% of majority man-owned firms nationally. Likewise, only 36% are job-creating entities, compared with 44% of men-owned firms.

Many women entrepreneurs strike out on their own because they are struggling to achieve a better work-life balance, and because they feel they are still not being compensated up to their potential. Through our internships, we help women realize their dreams in the landscaping industry.

Family-Friendly Workplace

Landscaping is still a male-dominated field, and our company is no exception.  So, supporting all of our employees in maintaining a good work-life balance is essential to helping their female partners to achieve their goals.  Flexible hours and telecommuting allow employees to share childcare and transportation to or from school.  We provide parental leave for new parents.  And it’s not uncommon to find a couple of kids drawing on the boss’s whiteboard or playing in the sand downstairs!

In addition, we have been recognized by the Massachusetts Breast-Feeding Coalition and Inc. Magazine for providing breast-pumping facilities and allowing moms to bring nursing babies to work.

Living Landscapes

We create life-giving landscapes that are healthier for women and families:

  • organic maintenance & planting practices;
  • designs that incorporate the needs of children, people with disabilities, and elders; and
  • spaces for yoga, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

Take time to celebrate and nurture the women in your life today!