Day 2: Grading and Layout


On day 2, Rene and crew regrade the back yard, using a Bobcat for the rough grading.  They separate out topsoil for reuse on site. This avoids the cost of both disposing of perfectly good soil and bringing in new, as well as the environmental cost of trucking to and from the recycling facility.


The crew leader lays out a circular patio and walkway.  Lines help to establish the finished level of the patio, and ensure that it will be correctly pitched for drainage away from the house.   At this point, the designer or project manager often visits the site to check the layout and levels.

An assessment of the soil determines whether the standard 6″ of compacted angular base will be sufficient support for the patio.  The crew will excavate to the appointed depth, and 6″ outside of the finished patio area for extra stability.

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