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In 2017, I promise to…

Why do we make resolutions? To live better? Meet our long-term goals? Enjoy life more? It’s all of the above! New Year’s resolutions help prompt us to make the changes that we hope will improve our lives in some way. Why not do the same for your landscape? The green (or brown) surrounding your property is an extension of your home and can be a concrete place from which to make a difference in your’s and your family’s life.

So consider taking on one of these 5 landscape resolutions for 2017. 


1. Try something new in my landscape

Tree House

It can be easy to get excited about new projects in your yard, but sometimes logistics bog down the follow-through. Recall those ideas you’ve had when dreaming about what you could do with your land. Maybe it’s starting a compost pile, installing a water-saving irrigation system, growing some vegetables or even building a tree house! Revive your yard by bringing in some new energy and maybe a new look.


2. Use sustainable landscaping practices

Sustainably designed landscape

Here are some ways you can improve the health of your landscape, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce  your water usage:

  • Take out your conventional lawn and replace it with artificial turf, native plants, a vegetable garden or a larger patio.
  • Plant low-maintenance, native species. They’re accustomed to the climate and will do great on much less water.
  • Install an irrigation and water retention system to make use of any rainwater, save money on water, and spend less time watering.


3. Remember to re-mulch my beds in spring 

This one’s easy and the pay-off is huge. Your trees and plants will be protected from damage by frost or another drought. Maintaining 2 inches of mulch also means you’ll have a lot less weeding to do!


4. Finally get organized in my yard

well organized garage

What’s on your garden to-do list? Do you have one? You’re much more likely to spend more time enjoying your yard and inviting people over when you have an organized and beautiful landscape. Let the new year motivate you to finally get organized and tackle projects like:

  • De-clutter your side yards and backyard from gardening supplies, yard maintenance tools, children’s toys, pool equipment, etc
  • Trimming dangerous tree limbs and pruning obtrusive bushes once it gets warmer outside
  • Check out these 10 one-hour backyard improvement projects


5. Make time to enjoy my outdoor space

happy couple enjoy backyard dinner

When you feel good about your landscape, you’ll want to spend more time enjoying it. The resolutions we suggested will save you time in the long run on regular maintenance, giving you more time to relax and entertain.