small potted plants on windowsill

Interior Plantscapes

Have you missed being outside?

Many of us simply feel better and more energetic during the warm seasons. Not to mention the countless scientific studies touting the health benefits of spending time near plants. “Shirin-yoku”, or “forest-bathing”, for example, comprises a major portion of preventative care and healing in Japanese medicine. Being in nature not only reduces stress and improves mood, but it’s also been proven to boost immunity, reduce recovery times from illness and surgery, improve brain functioning and possibly even fight cancer.


seating area with green plants



Plants have also been shown to purify the air of toxins and absorb background noise, creating both a healthier and more tranquil home environment. Even at work, interior plantscapes account for happier, more productive workers who take less sick days and make fewer mistakes.




potted succulents on decorative wooden ladder


So why not cultivate some indoor plants this winter? Check out this list of easy-to-grow houseplants and let us know if you need help sourcing or arranging plants and planters to re-energize your interior spaces.