lochan cottage birds on branch

Attracting Birds To Your Garden- Why & How

WHY:  Even if you’re someone who isn’t much fazed by the natural aesthetic beauty and friendly songs of birds, attracting birds to your garden is a natural way to decrease a pest population (and thus, minimize insect damage to your plants and grass.). As you attract more birds to your landscape, its’ ecosystem becomes healthier and more well-balanced. You may have to sacrifice a few tomatoes over the season, but the net effect is worth it.



  1. bird bath in home gardenBird baths are a great way to keep birds hydrated even in the winter when they’re surrounded by ice and snow! Put out a pan of water and remember to keep it clean by changing it regularly. When it gets warm out birds will be drawn to your yard both to clean up and to cool down. And after their bath they’ll be hungry for your garden’s insects!


2. An easy way to encourage birds to nest in your yard is to set up several birdhouses. Different-size entrance holes will allow different species to find a home. Insider tip: place your birdhouses a significant distance from each other as many species of birds will not nest next to each other.


birdhouse made of natural materials3. For added excitement, encourage the birds you’re attracting to create their own nest sites. To keep their homes safe from predators, birds like hedges with dense cover, so try planting shrubs in groups of three or more. Maintain a thick layer of among the shrubs also creates a welcoming environment for birds to forage. And if you want to enjoy the birds all year around, be sure to plant evergreen shrubs and trees such as holly,