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Exciting New Plants for 2017


Looking to try some new plants this year? Check out these lists for some inspiration and guidance!


Campanula Viking, Van Berkum Nursery
Campanula Viking

WHO: Van Berkum Nursery – “a family owned wholesale perennial nursery serving landscapers and garden centers in Northern New England. We specialize in propagating and growing native plants and ‘Wicked Ruggeds’.”
WHAT: New 2017 Perennials List
WHAT ELSE: Great website featuring plant usage lists and charts, speciality perennial lists, and a great free and downloadable educational catalog


Squash Sugaretti
Squash Sugaretti



WHO: All-America Selections – “AAS is the only non-profit plant trialing organization in North America.” Their mission is “to promote new garden varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America.”
WHAT: 2017 Winners– “reliable new varieties that have proven their superior garden performance in Trial Grounds across North America, tested by a panel of expert judges”
WHAT ELSE: 84 pollinator friendly plant winners; 5 edible plants that are especially great for the northeast; pictures, plant needs & characteristics as well as growing tips for each winning plant


black magic chocolate cosmos
Black Magic Chocolate Cosmos


WHO: American Nurseryman– “Launched in 1904, American Nurseryman has been the authoritative voice of the commercial horticulture industry for 112 years and is often called the ‘bible of the industry,’.”
WHAT: Best new plants of 2017 list– “the latest and most beautiful new and improved plants for the upcoming new year. That is, brighter color, renewed fragrance, improved disease resistance and more.”
WHAT ELSE: Interesting landscaping articles  articles about all kinds of plants, and water management articles to help you balance irrigation with climate needs