shrubs and trees combine to form a living fence

Make Your Fence Come Alive!

Feeling a little claustrophobic in your own yard? Bored of your traditional fence? If you’re looking for some privacy from the neighbors, but don’t want to feel closed in, consider installing a visually dynamic “living fence”. Plant shrubs and trees around the perimeter of your yard to maintain a boundary while adding color and attracting pollinators.



cypress trees line outdoor patio


If you want privacy throughout the year, try a wall of evergreens like Cypress trees (left) or Arborvitae (below).line of arborvitae behind patio chairs







Beauty and function

Promote ecological diversity in your own yard by planting a variety of species. Ultimately you’ll have fewer pest or disease problems and reduce your risk of major plant loss during cold winters and hot, dry summers. You’ll also enjoy the beauty of combining plants of different heights, colors, bloom times, and textures.

purple pamaps grasses



Mix a variety of feather-like grasses like these purple pampas grasses to calm the senses.




a stone retaining wall and diverse shrubs decorate blue home entryway
Photo Credit: Daniel Nystedt



A recent installation of ours where a variety of shrubs lend some privacy and visual interest to this client’s front entryway.



white flowering vines line a wooden fence



Even if you’re happy with your fence, why not decorate it with flowering vines to create your own “secret garden” feel?



See Bob Villa’s 10 Best Plants to Grow for Backyard Privacy for more inspiration.