a snowman made out of sand on a beach

Plan for Snow Before It Hits

For the 2nd year in a row, A Yard & A Half is offering snow plowing, snow shoveling and ice removal services for homeowners in Newton and Brookline.


The Farmer’s Almanac predicts “above-normal amounts of snowfall” starting in November for our area.  Contact us now to set up a contract so we can keep your property snow-free as soon as winter arrives.


AYAH Plow Truck On Snowy Road at Night
Last year our plow crews hit the road as soon as snowfall ended

We’re committed to the safety of our clients and workers and the health of our environment. Unlike salting, our ice melt is pet-safe and less harmful to plants. And you can trust that our year-round team of worker-owners are paid fairly and insured. Refer us to us to your neighbors and receive $50 off your first visit as a “thank you”.


As a homeowner, neglecting to clear your sidewalks and entryways of snow and ice could mean a $50+ fine, not to mention a lawsuit if someone slips and falls. Out-of-town when it snows? You’ll still need to find someone to shovel and de-ice within hours of the last snowfall.


Don’t be among the thousands of back injuries reported each year from shoveling. Let us take care of the burden with our Brookline and Newton snow plowing, snow shoveling, and de-icing services. New and existing clients will receive a pre-inspection of your property to ensure hardscapes and gardens are kept safe during snow removal. Regardless of how much it snows, our snow removal services, including driveway plowing and hand-shoveling, are only billed on a “per visit” rate.