home entryway and backyard patio at night

Outdoor Lighting & Your Home

(Above: An Evening in Watertown, Design: Monica Fairbairn, Installation: A Yard & A Half, Photo: Daniel Nystedt)

The days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you have to coop yourself up inside after work. Enjoy your beautiful landscape all season long by installing an outdoor lighting system!


Low-Voltage Lighting

We recommend low-voltage lighting to enhance your evening enjoyment of your property. The quality and intensity of this lighting is closer to candlelight than traditional lighting, which tends to make people feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Energy conscious consumers can also reduce electric consumption with low voltage lighting. Adding a dimmer provides the same benefit, while also giving you more control over the outdoor scene you set.

Our lighting and walkway installation in Wellesley Hills, Design: Melissa McDonald
Photo: Daniel Nystedt

Low-voltage lighting allows you to light up those small areas of your property that are difficult to access otherwise. These small light fixtures are also easier to rearrange and safer than standard line voltage lighting.

Not only is outdoor lighting the perfect way to accentuate your property, it can also provide an inviting pathway for guests. Heavily planted areas of your property should also be lit to add another element of safety to your home.


Consider how your property might feel cozier and safer with outdoor lighting. Give us a call if you’re looking for lighting design ideas and/or installation.