A Simple, Organic, Self-Feeding Lawn

Facing any of these challenges with your lawn?

  • “It looks uneven or patchy and I want a dense green lawn all season long.”
  • “It’s labor-intensive and I don’t have time. My lawn requires a lot of watering, mowing and fertilization.”
  • “I don’t want to use chemicals where my children and pets play.”
  • “My lawn is overrun with weeds, but I’m not comfortable using herbicides.”
  • “My lawn doesn’t get much sun, but I still want it to be green!”


It’s time to re-think clover. Many of us were told that clover is a weed that hurts our lawns and we rushed to eliminate it from our lawns with potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, incorporating clover into your lawn decreases its need for water, fertilizer, and weeding. We love Microclover™ Black Beauty sod in particular.

Golf Ball sits on Microclover Black Beauty LawnThis fescue grass-seed blend maintains an evenly lush and green lawn all season long with very little maintenance. Amazingly, Microclover™ actually feeds itself by extracting Nitrogen from the air and releasing it into the soil. No need to fertilize this lawn. And because it attracts beneficial pollinators and crowds out weeds with its dense roots, a Microclover™ lawn needs no chemical treatment. 


A  Microclover™ fescue lawn is even shade-tolerant. This resilient blend also requires minimal water, saving you even more time.

Microclover plots show lusher green compared to standard

If you want to explore this low-maintenance, eco-friendly lawn for your home, just give us a call.