boy jumps into leaf pile

November Garden Tips

It’s finally getting chillier, but don’t neglect your garden yet!


Continue watering shrubs, conifers and anything planted in 2017 until the ground freezes. Consistent watering is the best way to protect your landscaping investment. 


man adds leaf mulch to rose bushFalling leaves

Yes, rake your lawn! The grasses need exposure to dropping temperatures to prepare for winter, as well as enough sunlight to build strong root systems for next spring. Once they’re dry, grind your leaves up with the mower; they make a great mulch for your gardens and rose bushes! (FYI Fall clean-ups are part of our annual maintenance contract. Give us a call if you’re interested.)



person scoops soil into ziplock bagImprove soil

Send a soil sample to UMass Extension’s Soil Lab for testing. The fall is a great time to amend your soil, if needed, because it will have all winter to incorporate the nutrients.


container of fall flowers and grasses


Enrich your landscape with a fall aesthetic. Spruce up your container gardens from the summer with cold tolerant plants for a festive look. 


Trees and shrubs: Only prune broken, dead, or diseased branches during the Fall.



Before the ground freezes:

Plant spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils, American blue vervain (native), and tulips for beautiful color in 2018. (Tip: draw yourself a map of where you planted them, as you’ll likely forget come Spring!)

Be sure to drain and store your watering hose before we see freezing temperatures!


hands hold dug-up bulbsPull ‘em out!

If you planted cool-tolerant vegetables like Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, and kale, don’t forget to harvest them!

We’ve already experienced our first frost, so it’s time to dig up summer “bulbs” like cannas, dahlias, elephant ears, gladiolus, and tuberous begonias if you haven’t already. Wait until the soil is dry and lightly brush it off the roots before storing in a cool, dark location for winter.