irrigation sprinkler waters home lawn

Save Time With Irrigation


Why Irrigation? 

Professionally installed irrigation systems are a great way to save time and ultimately money on your landscape investment. Despite common misconception, irrigation systems with advanced rain sensors actually save on water. Compared to hand watering, irrigation gives you much more control over your water usage and ensures that your trees, shrubs, perennials, and lawn stay healthy throughout the season.


Irrigation Maintenance Tips

Don’t forget that you need to call to have your irrigation shut off by mid-October. After shutting off your irrigation, you will need to water any 2017 plantings by hand through mid-December when the ground freezes.


There are even several apps to monitor and control your water usage remotely!

Keep your irrigation system in good shape by having it audited. As plants grow bigger they can begin to block water fixtures. An audit will ensure it’s working properly and aimed correctly so you get the most out of your irrigation.

If your landscape is steeply sloped and you’re experiencing low water pressure during watering times, you may consider installing a pressure booster.


Protect your landscape investment with sufficient watering

If you want to keep your property looking beautiful, but don’t have much time to maintain it, then an irrigation system might be right for you. Give us a call to inquire about installing an irrigation system.