Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses and Hyacinths

Plant Spring Bulbs- It’s Not Too Late!

Daffodils, American blue vervain (native), tulips, lilies, crocuses, irises!

For beautiful color in 2018, plant spring-flowering bulbs before the ground freezes. It may seem far away, but these spring beauties need to be planted before the end of December as soil temperatures cool off.


First time planting spring bulbs? Follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Choose bulbs: If you’re overwhelmed by the options, try daffodils. They’re resistant to rabbits and squirrels!

2. Find a spot: Find a sunny spot in your yard where the soil drains water well for bulb planting. (Tip: Remember that some of your trees won’t have leaves in early spring, so you might have more sunny spots than you think!)

2. Prepare the soil: Dig several holes about the width of a dinner plate (up to 1 foot deep) and add a few handfuls of compost to each.

different bulb depths beneath soil
Taken from Thompson & Morgan

3. Plant: In each hole place groups of about five bulbs together, giving each one a little space of its own. For a striking spring color display, plant each group of bulbs no more than 15” apart. Keep in mind that different bulbs require different planting depths; read the package instructions before planting.

4. Mulch: Once the ground freezes you’ll want to cover the soil with 2-4” of lightweight mulch to maintain an optimal temperature for overwintering. (This is a great use for your new leaf mulch!)

Now sit back and leave the rest to nature. Trust us, spring bulbs are worth the wait!


Prefer to leave the planting to the pros?

We can help you throughout the process of finding high-quality bulbs, choosing the best spot in your lawn, grouping and layering for a beautiful display, fertilizing the bulbs and mulching.