man mows lawn during fall

Warmer Fall Means Later Mowing

To reduce the risk for winter damage to lawns, we will be doing an extra mow for lawn care clients during their next scheduled leaf clean-up visit.

You may have noticed that eastern Massachusetts had an unseasonably warm October — the Commonwealth’s second warmest in history, in fact. Grass keeps actively growing while daytime temperatures are in the 50s and above, and the combination of recent rains and current warmth creates excellent growing conditions.

a green maple leaf with mold spotsAdditionally, this year, a wet spring brought fungal diseases that caused maples to start dropping leaves early. (The good news: the damage to maples was just aesthetic — they will put our new, healthy leaves in spring!)

Normally, weather dictates that we do our final mow in late October or the first few days in November, so our seasonal maintenance contracts include mowing May-October. Fall clean-ups are scheduled for November through mid-December. This year, to adjust to changing weather conditions we began cleaning up leaves from most of our clients’ yards in September during our scheduled mowing visits.

A final, shorter mow of 2″-2.5″ is critical for turf health over winter. This will prevent a variety of fungal diseases and molds that may require costly treatment and lawn repair in the spring. Although we “officially” started fall clean-ups last week, it is clear that many greater Boston lawns will need at least one more mowing visit in November.