Several bags of flower bulbs displayed on grass

Late Fall In Your Garden

It’s getting cold out there, but your garden still needs some attention! Follow these tips and you’ll finally be able to put your garden and your mind to rest.


newly planted bed of yellow and orange mums, grasses, and perennial shrub“Can we stop watering yet?”

It depends! Because the ground is not yet frozen, new plantings definitely still need water to establish roots. New lawns likely also still need water so they have an opportunity to germinate during sunny days. Tip: be sure to water AFTER the sun’s come up; the soil will have thawed some, facilitating the intake of water. Established lawns, on the other hand, should be fine without watering as we’ve seen enough rain in our area this season.


“Is it too late to plant bulbs?”

Nope! But if you want beautiful color next year, be sure to plant before the ground freezes! Check out our guide for planting spring-flowering bulbs.


orange and red leaves strewn amidst a residential perennial garden“About all those leaves…”

November is still a great time to improve your soil’s drainage and increase the nutrients in your garden beds by applying compost and/or leaf mulch. If you don’t yet have a compost pile, rake up your leaves and start one! Compost can simply be applied atop your soil; let the winter snow do the rest. To make leaf mulch, pass over fallen, dry leaves with a lawn mower; be sure there’s a leaf bag attached for easy collection! Leaf mulch can then be blanketed on top of your composted soil. Our horticulturist calls this compost/leaf mulch combination, “the Cadillac treatment”.