Before You Meet

There are five things to think about and do before you call in a landscape designer.

1. Assess your site first.
Walk the land surrounding your home with a critical eye toward understanding sun exposure, drainage patterns, soil type and wind direction.

2. Evaluate the type and style of existing structures.
Is your house built in the colonial style, or does it evoke a Mediterranean villa? Will the garages, garden sheds, and patios remain in place, or do they need enhancement or camouflage?

3. Make a list of problems with your property you would like to solve.
Do you need more parking space for cars? Is the house being suffocated by overgrown planting and trees? Does your fence match your home’s design? Does your property lack natural features that add grace and beauty?

4. Ask if you can see examples of your designer’s finished work.
A garden designer will create a lovely world for you, but you should carefully assess the fit between his/her vision and your needs. At A Yard & A Half we strive to create the landscape of your vision, not ours. We’ll create a plan that may be installed all at once, or take months or years to unfold. It’s your choice.

5. Choose a firm that has solid credentials and satisfied customers.
Flowers come and go, trees can be cut down or planted, but driveways, steps, and walkways are permanent structures. A Yard & A Half has been in the hardscape installation, planting and tree care business for 30 years. We’re confident we can create and install a landscape design that will beautifully frame your home, and provide lasting pleasure year round. Plus, we are insured, provide worker’s compensation insurance for our workers and offer you a complete satisfaction guarantee.