Design: Monica Fairbairn

Removing the Lawnmower

A retiring Watertown couple was ready to get rid of the lawnmower. We laid down hardscape and established a patio garden room, seamlessly linking the house’s back entrance with their garage. A mature white birch was already a focal point in the backyard where we laid the bluestone patio. To preserve its prominence and avoid damaging the tree, we carefully dug around its shallow roots by hand. Because the couple had more time to spend on vegetable gardening, we surrounded the newly installed patio with handmade raised beds adorned by latticework.

Tour of The Garden

We transformed the barren strip between the sidewalk and the street into a garden, planting hardy perennials like hostas and potentillas. We created a natural “tour of the garden” by laying stepping stones connecting the driveway, to the front entrance, to the back patio. To create the right environment for new plantings we carefully pruned the existing trees and shrubs. We also established a year-round, shade-tolerant, densely planted ground cover beneath the trees out front. The couple opted for a drip irrigation system through the garden for peace of mind and to protect their investment.

Rainwater Management

At the front entrance to the house, a slippery walk to the porch steps in winter required installing a broad granite step, anchored on one side with two stunning golden arborvitaes. Rainwater management concerns also led us to convert their enlarged parking area to a permeable paver driveway. We used a custom blend of beautiful Town Hall pavers to mimic the look of brick. The clients can now safely spend their time in a rewarding garden with predictable maintenance needs.