A Yard & A Half Landscaping is a Waltham, MA landscaping company founded by Eileen Michaels in 1988. Over the years, she grew the design/build/maintain firm to a place in the top 15% of U.S. landscaping companies and the top 3% of all women-owned companies by annual sales. Eileen accomplished this by guaranteeing all of A Yard & A Half’s work and investing in her employees. In preparation for her retirement, she offered the employees the chance to buy the company, and we incorporated as a worker-owned cooperative. The company had historically operated with open books, shared profits with employees, and involved employees in decision-making, so the cooperative model was a natural step for us.

A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative, Inc. was formed in 2013 to preserve and continue to develop a locally-owned, safe, just, and democratic workplace in an industry where workers often face exploitation, wage theft, and hazardous working conditions. Participation in the cooperative is a financial and career investment for members, not just a job. Worker-owners participate in professional development, learning transferable skills and creating economic growth and self-sufficiency. We also share in the profits of our labor, allowing us to reinvest in our own local economy, communities, and families.

Why Our Customers Return to Us

Year After Year


From Lexington

“We’ve had complete strangers stop their cars and tell us how much they like our new yard. In the past year we’ve had extensive work done on our house with an army of workers, none have been as conscientious, considerate and hard working as your crew.”


From Newton

“On Saturday I was in the vegetable garden planting… I looked up through the pergola into the side garden and it was absolutely perfect. It looked like something out of a magazine.”

Amy and Tim

From Cambridge

“Thank you for creating a wonderful outdoor space for our family. We admire the work you do as well as the way to do it with intelligence, joy and respect for one another and those of us you encounter on the way.”