Evening Enchantment

Design: Melissa McDonald

Roses and Walkway

After building an addition to their home in Wellesley Hills, this family sought an upgrade to their surrounding landscape. To start, they wanted a cozy and inviting outdoor space beyond their deck to entertain guests. We installed a concrete paver patio and brought it to life with a low-voltage lighting installation.

To link this back seating area to the garage we reused bluestone steppers from on-site, creating a clear path illuminated by low level light fixtures.

Patio and Seating Area

The new addition also required a front and side walkway to connect the garage with the entryway. For this hardscape installation, we mimicked the concrete pavers from the back patio, bringing unity to the property as a whole.

Roses and Walkway

The client also wanted to accentuate their new feeling home with year-round color. They loved roses, in particular, so we planted several types of eye-catching rose bushes and hydrangeas. A casual, but full look was important to them so we transplanted and reused as many deciduous plants and conifers from the property as we could. We also surrounded the home with over 40 different varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials including witch hazel, cranberry bush, eastern redbud, and daphne. These ornamentals — over half of which are native to this region — now bloom and unfold throughout the year, preserving the local ecosystem by attracting birds and other pollinators.


Low Voltage Lighting and Steppers

Finally, the family’s two children needed ample outdoor space to run around. We installed a brand-new sod lawn that they have used as a soccer field ever since.