The most crucial factor for plant health and vigor is appropriate irrigation. Immediately after planting and until the plant becomes established, perennials, shrubs, and trees need water to thrive. When you water make sure you are watering the soil where the new rootball is located. Never water when the rootball is saturated.

How do you know when your plants are established? In our region it normally takes one year for each inch of trunk diameter. So a 2” trunk diameter tree would take two years to be established.


Apply one gallon of water for each inch of trunk diameter each time you water.


Apply one gallon of water for each inch of trunk diameter each time you water.


Water daily for 2 weeks, then gradually reduce until you are applying 1” of water per week. Water needs vary based on the soil and the plant type, but generally water when the top 1” of soil is dried out. Watering deeply but infrequently will encourage deeper roots.


Keep constantly moist in order for the seeds to germinate. Water the lawn by hand twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening for 15 minutes each time. Do not let the water puddle, rather, use a light mist to allow for even saturation. Continue watering in this way until you see green shoots emerging from the soil.

Once the lawn has germinated, cut watering back to once a day for half an hour. A first cut should be done when the tip of the blades of grass barely start to flop over. It is best to cut all lawns at 3” or more. Once your lawn has been mowed 2-3 times, begin watering deeply and infrequently about 1” once a week, less when there is rainfall.


  • Is a turf type called Tall Sescue
  • When it establishes it can have root system as deep as 4ft
  • After establishment it can go 3 weeks without water
  • Do not water it every day
  • It does not need as much fertilizer or weed control
  • It will take full sun and it will take a fair amount of shade
  • You can also get micro-clover mixed in with it and the clover is nitrogen fixing so then you don’t even need to apply any nitrogen fertilizer because it fertilizes itself
  • Micro Clover was developed for a park in NYC that didn’t have water or use fertilizer due to the ecosystem so it is a proven method

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