Crafty Collaboration

Design: Christie Dustman, APLD

Boat Arch

Construction expertise combined with a client’s ingenuity and a designer’s vision leads to a secret garden full of surprises. For this Roslindale installation, designed by Christie Dustman, APLD, A Yard & A Half worked closely with the homeowner on construction details to allow him to add his own inventive touches after the hardscape was installed.

Fish Pond Fountain

An avid collector of antiques and repurposed artifacts, the client wanted the paving to tie into the historic house and barn, but also to be able to install a modern heating system below the front walkway.

Since regular granite cobbles would be too thick to conduct heat, our craftsmen cut each one down to a 2” thickness before installing them in a traditional fan pattern over the heating framework. In the back yard, we built retaining walls to raise the yard above the neighbors. The changes in grade and the addition of a brick patio required a drainage plan to keep water on-site. A series of French drains and drywells capture water from roof downspouts throughout the property.

Fish Pond Fountain

The client introduced many elements from his collection into the design. Metal pieces became the spillways of a one-of-a-kind fountain that was originally a tractor seat, built into the curved seating wall. The homeowner also planned to add several details of his own after construction and planting were completed. We facilitated this by installing footings and posts for what would become his colorful custom fence, building anchors for an arbor of found materials into the walls, and integrating electrical conduit for future lighting.

This was indeed a special and unique project for us where we can allow our clients dreams and visions come to life with our expertise. Many landscaping companies might try to push their own design and input, where we differentiate from those and love incorporating the homeowners vision more than ours.